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Kids' Dentistry in Vinton, VA

Getting your kids off to a positive start with early dental visits is not only good for their dental health, but it also allows them to get used to regular and fun visits with the team at our dental office in Vinton. There are already far too many adults who go through life avoiding the dentist because of a bad experience as a child, and we don't want your child to end up feeling the same way.

Dr. Law and our entire team love treating children. We understand that kids need special attention, and we treat them with gentle care and patience. As parents, you also want to be confident that your children are getting the highest-quality care available. We make sure that you always know exactly what treatment your child is receiving, why we’re doing it, and what it involves.

When Should My Child Have Their First Visit?

Your child’s first visit should occur around the age of two or three or when they have all their baby teeth. During this visit, Dr. Law will check to make sure that their baby teeth are developing properly. If we can keep baby teeth healthy, there’s a good chance that their permanent teeth will also be healthy.

In addition to checking on their baby teeth, these visits are a good time for your child to get comfortable being around us and seeing the dental equipment we use. After the first visit, we like to schedule appointments to see your child twice a year.

What Happens During My Child’s Appointments?

During these appointments, we do an exam, and our friendly hygienist will show your child how to use a toothbrush properly. We may recommend the application of sealants and fluoride to help prevent cavities. If we find a cavity in a baby tooth, we will fill it to protect the tooth. We want to take special care with your child’s baby teeth, because losing a tooth too soon may cause permanent teeth to grow in improperly.

During these routine appointments, we continue to build a friendly relationship with your child. We want dental visits to be fun for your child, and we don’t want kids to associate a visit to the dentist with pain, so it’s important that you bring your child in for regular wellness checkups.

Same-Day Appointments

When you have kids, they are bound to have a dental emergency eventually. When this happens, it can be scary for both of you. If you have an emergency, please don’t hesitate to contact our office immediately. We will make sure that we see your child the same day to provide the treatment they need and put your mind at rest.

Contact Our Office to Schedule an Appointment

Every member of our team values the trust you put in us to look after your child’s oral health. We know that it’s important that they get gentle care that will start them on the road to a lifetime of excellent oral health habits. Please call our dental office in Vinton at (540) 342-4945 for an appointment. We look forward to welcoming your child to our family.

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