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Tobacco Use and Dentures

November 20, 2015
Posted By: Dr. Zachary Law, DDS

Everyone knows that smoking is bad for your general health, but it can also cause extensive amounts of damage to your oral health from tooth discoloration to oral cancer. Though the first step to helping you maintain a healthy mouth is to stop smoking, dentures can help those that have lost some or all their teeth to tobacco use. Dr. Zachary Law offers affordable dentures to help replace missing teeth without the look and feel of “false teeth.” 

Tobacco and Oral Health

Tobacco use doubles your chances of nearly all dental problems such as gum disease, tooth loss, tooth decay, and cancer. It can also make it difficult for your dentist to treat these issues. Tobacco reduces your mouths ability to fight infection as well as hinders the ability for gums to heal from oral surgery. So not only are you almost guaranteed to have oral problems as a prolonged smoker, but if you don’t quit these problems cannot be reversed. 

The use of tobacco products will also take away your beautiful smile. Most people know that smoking causes dark, hard to remove stains to the enamel of your teeth, but it can also make your teeth more prone to chips and cracks and to top it all off, give you bad breath. If you don’t quit, gum disease will cause your gums to recede and lead to losing your teeth. Even with great oral hygiene habits, tobacco will reek havoc on your teeth and mouth.

Tooth Loss and Dentures

At Zachary Law DDS and Associates we can help fill in the gaps caused by years of smoking and tobacco use. Partial and full dentures use a comfortable, close fitting material that will help reduce the irritation and slippage common with most dentures. Also, because of current technology, we make dentures that have the same look, feel, and function of natural teeth so you can be confident eating, drinking, and smiling day after day. 

Don’t let bad habits destroy your teeth. If you live in the Vinton, VA area and have lost teeth due to tobacco use and would like more information on how partial or full dentures can help give you back a beautiful and functional smile, please contact our office today!

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