Dentures in Vinton, VA

Do missing teeth embarrass you when you smile? Are old, worn dentures causing discomfort when speaking and eating? Maybe you’ve been told you need dentures, but you don’t want to live with fake-looking teeth.

We can help by creating dentures at our dental office in Vinton that are nothing like the “false teeth” your grandparents wore. Using up-to-date materials, we can create dentures that are comfortable and look like natural teeth.

You shouldn’t have to live with unattractive missing teeth or with old dentures that are irritating and don’t fit well. Dr. Law has designed comfortable new dentures for lots of our patients, and you can be confident that our whole team will work carefully with you to deliver the results you want with as little inconvenience as possible.

What Makes New Dentures Different?

If you have older dentures, you’ve probably noticed that they don’t fit well and have become more irritating as the years go by. Dentures made many years ago were designed using a very rigid material. They were custom-made to fit the shape of your jaw as it was at the time. The problem is that as you age, the shape of your gum line and jaw changes. The result is dentures that no longer fit properly, causing irritation and embarrassing slippage.

Today’s dentures are created of material that is not rigid and closely fits the shape of your gums and jaw. This snug fit reduces slippage and causes less irritation. Modern materials and updated technology allow us to create dentures that look natural and function much like your natural teeth.

What Kinds of Dentures Are There?

  • Partial dentures are a practical solution for filling spaces left by several missing teeth. They are made up of replacement teeth that are attached to a metal or acrylic framework.  
  • Full dentures are used when all your teeth are missing. They are made up of replacement teeth on an acrylic base.

In both cases, we work with our professional dental lab to create dentures that are comfortable and very natural looking

Please Contact Our Office for More Information

We don’t think that you should have to live with dentures that are irritating and uncomfortable. Our professional team is sensitive to your needs and concerns and will guide you through the whole process to make sure you get amazing results that fit your budget and busy schedule.  Please contact our dental office in Vinton at (540) 342-4945 for more information. We think you’ll be amazed at the results!