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I’m anxious about having my tooth pulled. How can you help?

First, you should know that we are very sensitive to your anxiety! You are probably already upset about the prospect of losing a tooth, which is compounded by the fear of the procedure itself.

Dr. Law and our entire professional team are very caring and compassionate with all our patients, and especially those undergoing a complex procedure like tooth extraction. Feeling anxious is completely normal, and we’ve helped many patients like you get through the procedure with a minimum of stress and discomfort.

Before we schedule your extraction, Dr. Law will sit down with you to discuss your concerns. This way, he can better understand your anxiety and plan your treatment accordingly.

At that time, he will also discuss types of sedation we offer so that he can choose the one that will be most effective for you. Nitrous oxide (laughing gas) and oral sedation are both effective methods, and we can often combine both for a totally stress-free experience.

Putting off tooth extraction because of fear and anxiety will only lead to worse problems with your oral health. Please contact our dental office in Vinton for more information about the ways we can help you get past your anxiety.

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