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How are dental bridges different from crowns?

Dental bridges and crowns actually perform two very different jobs. A dental bridge involves several teeth and is used to fill the empty space left by a missing tooth. Dental crowns are used on one tooth for added strength and protection.

A dental bridge is a single unit made up of two different types of restorations. Since the main function of a bridge is to fill an empty space, it contains an artificial tooth. But this tooth cannot stand on its own – it needs to be attached to your natural teeth for support and to hold it in place.

So the second type of restoration we use in a bridge is dental crowns that are attached to the artificial tooth, and then secured to your teeth on either side. In this way, dental crowns and bridges work together to form a single, stable unit. A dental bridge solves the problem of your missing tooth and allows you to eat normally.

Now that you understand the design of a bridge, you know that it is only used if you have a missing tooth. On the other hand, dental crowns can be used to support the bridge, protect a damaged tooth, or even correct cosmetic flaws like chipped or stained teeth.

At our Vinton dental office, Dr. Law performs many dental restorations, including crowns and bridges. Please give us a call – we’ll be happy to answer any questions you have about dental bridges and crowns.

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