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Are silver fillings safe?

More and more people are concerned about the use of amalgam (silver) fillings. There has been some debate recently about the safety of amalgam because it contains several metals, one of which is mercury. At our Vinton dental office, we understand your concerns, and we want to put your mind to rest about these claims.

The truth is that amalgam fillings have been used for over 100 years because they are very strong and long-lasting. Several major health organizations have determined that there is no danger associated with the mercury in amalgam fillings.

Silver fillings have been around for so long because they are very durable. This makes them a good choice for use in molars that have to withstand a lot of force as we chew and bite down. Because of their strength, amalgam fillings are also appropriate for filling teeth with large cavities.

At our Vinton dental office, Dr. Law uses only the safest, most effective materials available to protect your oral health. If you feel strongly about the use of amalgam fillings, we will explain why we believe they’re appropriate. But ultimately, it is your decision, and we can use composite material instead.

Please contact our office if you have questions about amalgam fillings.

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