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Why are today’s dentures more comfortable than older dentures?

It’s very common for patients to be worried or concerned about the comfort of their new dentures. Many of us knew older people who constantly complained about pain and soreness while wearing their dentures.

If you have old dentures that were made many years ago, you may find that they have become worn-out over time. The reason is that our jaws change shape as we age, and dentures that once fit perfectly may now feel loose and cause irritation.

When your dentures no longer fit properly, it results in constant discomfort when speaking and chewing and can also lead to painful sores on your gums. Besides the discomfort, your old dentures probably look unattractive and detract from your appearance.

Fortunately, significant advances in dental technology and improvements in materials used have brought about amazing changes in techniques in the way dentures are made. Dentures today are made of acrylic material that is custom-made to fit your jaw perfectly. Unlike older dentures, today’s dentures form a snug fit that is actually comfortable and eliminates the constant worry about slippage.

We can create beautiful, natural-looking dentures that give you more freedom to eat all the foods you enjoy without embarrassment. Our dentures are created using state-of-the-art materials and technology, and you can be sure that they will last a long time.

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