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Does my baby need to have cavities filled?

It is very important to preserve your child’s baby teeth whenever possible. This may come as a surprise since you know the teeth will eventually be lost anyway.

Of course, baby teeth help your child speak and chew properly, but they are also essential for the proper development of your child’s permanent teeth. If a cavity develops in a baby tooth, we need to fill it to keep it healthy until the tooth falls out naturally.

Think of baby teeth as placeholders that hold a space in the gum so that permanent teeth can develop properly. So, losing a baby tooth before it’s time can affect permanent teeth that are already growing in the gums.

When the tooth is gone, surrounding baby teeth will begin to drift into the empty space. You can imagine that when this occurs, the second teeth have nowhere to erupt properly. This can lead to misaligned or crowded teeth, and the potential for costly orthodontic treatment in the future.

The best approach is to make sure your child has a healthy diet and to schedule exams at our Vinton dental office as soon as your child has all their baby teeth. That way we can keep an eye on their development and detect problems while they’re still easy to fix.

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