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What happens during a dental checkup?

We recommend twice-yearly checkups because we want to try to stay a step ahead of any problems that may be developing with your teeth and gums. In many cases, decay can be present without you even being aware of it until you get a toothache. The sooner we find a cavity, the sooner we can remove decay and prevent it from spreading and causing pain and more damage to your tooth.

During the exam you will most likely see the dentist and hygienist. This allows us to do a thorough check of all aspects of your oral health, including teeth and gums. We will start with a visual check of your mouth, and note any changes that have occurred since your last exam. It’s important to take your overall health into account when updating your dental history. We will talk to you about changes to your physical health, including new medications you’re taking that may affect your oral health.

It may or may not be necessary for us to take x-rays during the checkup. This decision will be made based on your oral health history and changes noted during the exam.

Once the exam is complete, the dentist and hygienist will develop a treatment plan to address any problems that we find. If you have not had a professional dental cleaning, we will make an appointment for you and also schedule your next dental checkup.

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