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What happens during a root canal?

Root canals have earned a very bad reputation, but most of that has to do with lack of understanding or disinformation. Knowing why you need a root canal and how the process works can go a long way toward putting you at ease about this important procedure.

The inner core of your tooth contains an area known as your root canal. This is the portion of the tooth that holds nerves, tissue, and other material. If periodontal infection or severe decay penetrates this space, you will need a root canal procedure.

We need to remove any infection and decay to provide relief and save your tooth from further damage. Without a root canal, you will face continued pain and potential loss of the tooth.

The procedure involves making a tiny hole in your tooth to access the root canal. Then, using special instruments, Dr. Law carefully removes any infected material. Once this is thoroughly cleared away, the tooth is filled and sealed. In most cases, we will need to further protect the tooth by placing a dental crown.

Root canals are an important dental treatment, and essential for saving a tooth damaged by decay or disease. Please contact our Vinton dental office if you would like more information about the root canal procedure.

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